Monday, October 13, 2008

Where in the World am I? ( Between Bizana and Brooksnek)

Hey I was pleasently surprised when I took a trip home to the Eastern Cape.......SNOW!!!!! In the usually dry and dead Eastern Cape there was snow. I could not believe my eyes. My sister and cousin where in the car with me and I convinced them to stop and have me take a picture on my cell phone and send it to everyone I could. Stark white looked so beautiful again the colours of the houses. The houses are usually painted in very bright colours (blue, yellow, pink, orange). Seeing that all the time again the usual background (green and brown) of the landscape was beautiful but I was not appreciating colour enough. The white background just did for me. The simplicity it brings to the picture makes you pay attention to the details. The houses look unreal from a distance. Almost like toys. I loved the drive down.

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