Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Urban Grounds Coffee Emporium!!!!!

So I haven't mentioned that in addition to studying I co-own and manage a coffee shop in Durban South Africa. It's pretty much the coolest place ever. Urban Grounds Coffee Emporium is the name an we serve the best coffee in Durban. Really I mean it!!!! You should try it out!!! The cappuccinos are fantastic and we have a selection of specialty coffees that will blow you over. I mean with names like Bar One Mocha, Mint Condish (what I'm having in the picture), Ginger Snap Latte, it's all good. Kristy(in the picture with me) and I are absolutely passionate about offer the best to our customer and providing Durban with a place to chill, work and play(we have board games). So look out for us at the corner of Frere and Ayott in Glenwood Durban.

We have a promotion on right now. If you blog about Urban Grounds and send a link to our blog then you get a free coffee. And if you join our Facebook group and upload a picture of yourself at Urban Grounds, you get a free coffee. That sounds good to me!!!!

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Camilla Engman said...

Thanks for the nice comment. I wish we could come over for a cup of coffee with you :)
//Studio Violet