Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fashion show part 6

This is on the earrings for the fashion show. The design began a few months ago with a picture from the Elle magazine. The dress had circle print on it and i wanted a piece of jewellery that would work for the outfit in the picture. Since I began focusing on design jewellery for a fashion show, the clothing became important. The colour and where on the body it could fit. I had old buttons hung up on the board in front of me that echoed the circle print on the dress. I had cut out discs out of copper for enameling. I pierced out a floral motif from the discs and enameled with black. I noticed that when put against the yellow button it made a good contrast for the earring and worked for the colour in the fashion show( yellow, purple, brown, blues,white).

This seems to fall into a ready to wear jewellery category of fashion jewellery. In that it will work for the ramp and for everyday wear. As apposed the theatrical jewellery seen at fashion shows.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fashion Show part 5

The show is on. And there is so much to fashion shows then meets the eye. Firstly the SHOW part of it! Phew I anxious about the actual show not working and then theres the clothing, the jewellery, the make up, the hair, the bossy models(Kristy this is you) and more. I know i would rather let someone else worry about everything else and let me make jewellery.

So see you there. On the 5th May 2009, UKZN Square Space Theater(drama dept.), 12pm and 7pm.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

And the Word is...

Collaborations means working together with a common goal. This means that a goal had to have been decided before the work begins. Both parties must have agreed and participated in the forming of the goal.

I feel collaboration is a factor to be considered when designing for a fashion show. The decided goal will determine the level of integration of the two disciplines.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Philippa Green

One of her famous cuffs.
Philippa Green in her studio

I have this thing about designers not answering emails from me and Philippa Green actually answered and offered her telephone number. CRAZY......right! I thought I would ask her about her experience with fashion show and designing for a show.

Phillipa Green started collaborations with her fellow fashion design friends while she was studying jewellery design at Natal Tech ( D.U.T). She has worked with fashion designers Abigale Betz, Malcolm Kluk, Gideon, Geraldine De Beer, Helene Bull, Craig Native, Stiaan Louw, X&O, Vertigo. I need to know what her experiences with working with these fashion designers like. I will be conducting a telephone interview with her as soon as I have my questions for her sorted. Any suggestions?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Featured Jeweller - Robert Lee Morris

Robert Lee Morris collaborated with Donna Karan since 1985. They worked together, integrating jewellery into a collection of clothing instead of lending jewellery to a designer to add onto clothing. Even though Robert Lee Morris has created and continues to create his own jewellery, he works with fashion designers to create jewellery for specific collections.