Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jewellery and Fashion Intergrated


Pierced Copper and Black Stretch Tule

There are two ways of approaching designing for fashion shows, working independently of a fashion designer or designing specifically for a fashion designer. Within specific design for a fashion designer is the intergrated jewellery and fashion design. Jewellery designers such as Robert Lee Morris and Shaun Leane have creaated jewellety that is intergrated withe fashion disigners work. The result is not recognising the line between when the dress stars and the jewellery ends.

So I'm trying my hand at it. I was insipred by a dress (above) from the Chloe' Spring/Summer Collection. I like the flowing fabrics and two toned fabric. So i want to create this effect with metal. Using metal to create a colour.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alexander McQueen fall 2009

This guy does seem to shy away from doing the "wrong thing". At a time when the economy has caused us to question our role in it's downward spiral. When the fashion world has to downsize and be practical. Most designers are being sensible and practical, cutting back on the theatrical antics. Alexander McQueen was not afraid to go there in his Fall ready to wear collection!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Flower Layers

These earrings brought together two things that I thought I woud never use. I make elements somtimes that I don't intend using at that time. But I know that the element will have the perfect use at sometime. I pierced out the flower pattern last year and it hung on my wall untill this fashion show came up. So I used the engine plate and added the freshly enamelled, long forgotten pierced flower pattern.

the earring compliments the clothing because of the layers on it and on the clothing on the model. The layer clours on the clothing match that of the earrings.

Engine Earrings

This is also part of the recession chic collection. I cut the engine part into two and added plastic beads for the colour. Not that they needed colour to make them stand out on the ramp. The size would work for the fashion show because the audience can see them from afar. Steel metal piece was symmetrical so it worked well as earrings because when cut, they could look the same. They are big and loud and avant gaude. They complimented the outfit or the outfit compliments the earrings. What do you think?

Body Wear

Two Xhosa men Dressed in traditional wear

I picked up a few of these plates from the dump a few months ago. I had been thinking a lot about the thought of being recession chic ( style on a budget). So I've been looking at my environment differently. I pick up things! This theme also found it's way into the fashion show. So I picked up these plates because they looked interesting. They have a perfect pattern on the inside and are geometric. When the fashion show came up they were sitting at my bench so i started to play with them.

This particular one came about from thinking about my background and how I have always wanted to do something related t the way the Xhosa dress traditionally. I wanted a non-cheesy way. By that I mean i didn't want a replica of the Xhosa body jewellery but my own Xhosa body wear. The chain is brass and bought and I learnt how to crochet and made this round disc in black. I could wear this!

Friday, May 8, 2009

What's your Flavour....tell what's your Flavour!!!

The atmosphere is charged!!! The dancers look alive.

A Recession Fashion Show

The show went well. It was a lot of work and I appreciate it now that it's over. All the crazy hours and running around I would not wish on anyone. Thank you to all the models and my sister for building a fantastic set. Thank you to a Controlled Chaos for the clothing. Thanks Kristy for the business cards.