Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A look back!

Silver Leaf earrings

Silver leaf ring

Enamel brooch

Silver Floral cutout earrings with red enamel

Silver Floral cutouts earrings with blue enamel

Floral cut out studs

Forged Two finger leaf ring

Lady knuckleduster ring

Flower finger hugger

I looked back at the work that I produced over the last two years and realised that I have concentrated on forged rings that are sculptered around the hand and floral patterns inspired by lace or fabric, pierced out of silver. Above are a few of my favourite things( to borrow from the Sound of Music).

Sherbert!!(thats only because I don't want someone else to make me swear)

Have you ever felt so frustrated that you could just explode!!!! Well that is how I feel this very moment. Today I got a taste of the real world and that people are not nice all the time. When they are just mean it can really get you unexpectedly. I didn't see that coming at all. Some people want look out for themselves and to hell with the rest. I can imagine that be a lonely place to live in. But lonely as it be right now I am totally pissed off at said people. And before I punch the keys of this computer right through the desk. I'll just stop right here. Hoping that i can put all this in a cyber bubble and blow it away.