Monday, June 22, 2009


This dress looks crazy to me and is not what i would want at the moment. So I'm still trying to get there. The round flower elements are looking too small. I need them bolder and unapologetic. When I thin of Alexander McQueen's and Robert Lee Morris' work the metal work is not an addition but an important component of the dress. I need more elements.

Love comes softly

Been making these soft heart badges. Taken them around the Davenport areas to see if they will sell.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Holly Golightly

When I thought a photo shoot would be interesting, I had no idea what that really meant. I like to say these things sometimes like "I doing a fashion show" or " a photo shoot would be fun". So now I have to organise one.

I was house sitting this weekend and watch the classic movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn is so stylish and the thought her carefree life is so romantic. She plays the role of Holly Golightly, a twenty-something who moves to New York to live the high life and hopefully find herself a rich husband. Holly's mission doesn't go as planned. She finds refuge at Tiffany's Jewelley store where she says "nothing really bad could happen to her there".

I like the reference to jewellery as a refuge and escape. The place to go when all is not well with the world. I would like to use the movie as the theme for the photo shoot of my jewellery. Only bringing it into my current context. I don't want to be too literal with it. No replicas of the famous photographs but just the feeling and the story. Lets see what happens.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


When speaking with Nokwanda I realised that integrating these two design disciplines would not be easy. I had an idea in my head and I wanted it work. She was telling me how it couldn't work. Maybe I just wanted her to just make it happen. I have to find a better way to work as a team. And I will be workin with her on a dress for the July Horse race in July.

In the meanwhile Since I want what I want, I'll try my had at making a dress. I have made dresses before. So I'll be the jeweller and the fashion designer. Above are sketches for two dresses I will attemp to make. Good luck to me!


Elements pierced out from copper plate
I had this idea that I wanted to try integrating jewellery with fashion. I meet with Nokwanda, a fashion designer of Controlled Chaos and discussed the technical issues of combining metal with fabric. These are the sketches from that talk. I had cut out these flower elements from copper plate, which I thought could be used for a dress. I planned on enameling each one to add colour. The copper might be too heavy and the enameling take too long. I have started investigating aluminium and anodising.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Exhibition @ Artspace

This is a mock up of my display for an exhibition by the DUT Btech jewellery students @ the Artspace Gallery on the 13 July 2009. I made a mock up in my lounge. Our lecturer thought we were not creative enough, and that the ideas we had were forgettable. I suddenly felt like I was on Idols and just attempted to sing(which I don't do) . Forgettable..... maybe I agree! Any ideas... anyone.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Anodising Aluminium

Jane Adam- anodised aluminium

I started thinking about a dress that is integrated- jewellery and fashion together. I don't want a dividing line between the two. After talking to Nokwanda about the technical difficulties of combining metal with fabric. The main problem would be the weight of the metal on the fabric. And since I want to use smaller elements to cover the body, if these pieces move they might not be seen the way I want them to. I'm going to have to think of a dress design that will show the elements best. So I'm thinking of lighter metals like aluminium. Aluminium can also be anodised and gives many colours.

So here goes the ride. Any help with anodising would be greatly appreciated!!