Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cover Girls 2

Apparently the important thing missing from my display at the Art Space Exhibition is a cover page. I think I was working towards it anyway but kinda stopped short. It isn't too late. I've made this cover above just from looking at my favourite fashion magazine Elle Magazine. It was suggested that I get a real cover page made. So I'm working with a graphic design student to make something happen.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Artspace Exhibition

The exhibition went off without a hitch! Except that the final set up looked a little different then planned. But I think that was okay in the end. Now the problem is writing about the thing. This is not my favourite thing. I have to try to be more formal!

I presented my work jewellery based on fashion and fashion magazines. I wanted the experience of a fashion shoot so I created one myself. I selected clothing from a fashion designer and then matched my jewellery to the clothing. There was a pre-selection of clothing and jewellery, but on the day the fit of the clothing and the jewellery on the models dictated what i would use. The best pictures that have been edited by the photographer are featured in the exhibition. The intention was to present the results of a fashion shoot and the jewellery used. I do think that a final product was lacking from the display. I have tried out magazine cover mock ups in previous posts. But I felt that none of them were actual magazine cover page worthy. One has to take photographs with the cover in mind and I didn't do that. I think I can try to get one that comes close. So watch this space for my MAGAZINE.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cover Girl!

Just messing around.


This turned out way more difficult then I thought. I was fun difficult though. I enjoyed running around and looking crazy at Warwick Junction(eMakete). I guess two highly made up girls with a camera following them around is unusual eMakete. So we got lots of curious looks and appeals to appear in "the magazine". I didn't want disappoint any one so I said yes.

I think we did well with trying capture the "new girl in the city" feeling I wanted. The is a juxtaposition between the clothing and jewellery and the surroundings the models are in. I wanted the feeling of the city in my context. Creating a contrast between the surrounds and the way they are dressed. I also feel like the character (Holy Golightly) says in the movie "nothing really bad can happen to you here". I really do feel eMakete is safe. It is crazy but safe.

In retrospect I would have organised the location better rather then just wing it. It could have given me more variation in the photos that were taken and save time, if I had decided on the specific places I wanted to go. Maybe find a way to do the wardrobe changes closer to the location because that takes up alot of time. I did have fun doing this and would do it again!

Thank you to Kristy Carlson(photographer), Controlled Chaos(Clothing) Vuyo (Model), Cristy(Model), Robin(Makeup) and Ben(Art Direction).