Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This turned out way more difficult then I thought. I was fun difficult though. I enjoyed running around and looking crazy at Warwick Junction(eMakete). I guess two highly made up girls with a camera following them around is unusual eMakete. So we got lots of curious looks and appeals to appear in "the magazine". I didn't want disappoint any one so I said yes.

I think we did well with trying capture the "new girl in the city" feeling I wanted. The is a juxtaposition between the clothing and jewellery and the surroundings the models are in. I wanted the feeling of the city in my context. Creating a contrast between the surrounds and the way they are dressed. I also feel like the character (Holy Golightly) says in the movie "nothing really bad can happen to you here". I really do feel eMakete is safe. It is crazy but safe.

In retrospect I would have organised the location better rather then just wing it. It could have given me more variation in the photos that were taken and save time, if I had decided on the specific places I wanted to go. Maybe find a way to do the wardrobe changes closer to the location because that takes up alot of time. I did have fun doing this and would do it again!

Thank you to Kristy Carlson(photographer), Controlled Chaos(Clothing) Vuyo (Model), Cristy(Model), Robin(Makeup) and Ben(Art Direction).

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