Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Transkei Sunsets

So Maybe you are wondering what the Transkei is. Transkei is where I'm from. Yes I know it's called the Eastern Cape now but I'm from the Transkei. The original if you know what I mean. Some people will know what I mean. The pre-Democracy government formed what they called the "homelands" or the TBVC states made of the former Transkei, Bophutatwana, Venda and Ciskei. That is where I was born and spent many years. I have started to remember what I love about home and all the colours came back. The family holidays at the coast and the sunsets and sunrises at home are like no other. The colours, red, orange, yellows,purples, blues, violets all melt into each other against the green background of the hills.

So I have began my experimenting with enamels to see if I can recreate the sky of the Transkei. This is my first attempt at layering colour. The reds are tough to work on because they burn so easily. And the colours change everytime I fire in the kiln. I'm hoping to add more colours with out over doing it. I don't want that thick look in the enamels. I'm still experimenting so watch this space

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bare Exhibition

I was invited, along with some of my classmates to exhibit at Bare in Morningside Durban. I said yes but didn't know how I was going to manage doing everything(work and exhibition). I think it was a good thing because I had to push myself and came up with some interesting things. Lets not forget that I became a zombi afterwards but that is a story for
another day.

I found paper in my journal that I had stuck in and forgotten about. I drew on the patterns on the embossed paper and found a shape which became the bases for some of my new jewellery. The obvious leaf shape, I found interesting because of it's simplicity and yet organic connetations. The simplified lines of the shape which still have strong reference to a leaf lead me to forging earrings and rings. I also found myself returning to the old mussle like shape that I used last year and using enamel(in the picture above). The multiple finger rings seem to have stuck with me. I would like develope the one in the picture above by adding to it colour by using stones, enamel or other media.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Spoon full of sugar!!!

So I challenged a friend to taking the plunge and write a poem. I have always wanted to be that type of person who can charm with words. But alas I do not posses the gift. I have decided to take the plunge as long as he does the same. So here is my first attempt. It will hopefully become better with time and practise.

A second counts
it changed my everything
Once I was here now I am there
Will you come for me?
I do not know where there is
It feels so foreign to the touch
I do not belong there
Return me here.

Here, where the seconds are sweet as the sun
And pure as the rain.
They can last a lifetime
So come for me in a second
I'll make it count.