Monday, July 7, 2008

Bare Exhibition

I was invited, along with some of my classmates to exhibit at Bare in Morningside Durban. I said yes but didn't know how I was going to manage doing everything(work and exhibition). I think it was a good thing because I had to push myself and came up with some interesting things. Lets not forget that I became a zombi afterwards but that is a story for
another day.

I found paper in my journal that I had stuck in and forgotten about. I drew on the patterns on the embossed paper and found a shape which became the bases for some of my new jewellery. The obvious leaf shape, I found interesting because of it's simplicity and yet organic connetations. The simplified lines of the shape which still have strong reference to a leaf lead me to forging earrings and rings. I also found myself returning to the old mussle like shape that I used last year and using enamel(in the picture above). The multiple finger rings seem to have stuck with me. I would like develope the one in the picture above by adding to it colour by using stones, enamel or other media.

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