Thursday, July 16, 2009

Artspace Exhibition

The exhibition went off without a hitch! Except that the final set up looked a little different then planned. But I think that was okay in the end. Now the problem is writing about the thing. This is not my favourite thing. I have to try to be more formal!

I presented my work jewellery based on fashion and fashion magazines. I wanted the experience of a fashion shoot so I created one myself. I selected clothing from a fashion designer and then matched my jewellery to the clothing. There was a pre-selection of clothing and jewellery, but on the day the fit of the clothing and the jewellery on the models dictated what i would use. The best pictures that have been edited by the photographer are featured in the exhibition. The intention was to present the results of a fashion shoot and the jewellery used. I do think that a final product was lacking from the display. I have tried out magazine cover mock ups in previous posts. But I felt that none of them were actual magazine cover page worthy. One has to take photographs with the cover in mind and I didn't do that. I think I can try to get one that comes close. So watch this space for my MAGAZINE.

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KRSDBR said...

Hi Lusanda ... The pics for this post are beautiful ... almost tlike the required Cover... Please remember to document what the display actually looked like as well...