Monday, May 18, 2009

Body Wear

Two Xhosa men Dressed in traditional wear

I picked up a few of these plates from the dump a few months ago. I had been thinking a lot about the thought of being recession chic ( style on a budget). So I've been looking at my environment differently. I pick up things! This theme also found it's way into the fashion show. So I picked up these plates because they looked interesting. They have a perfect pattern on the inside and are geometric. When the fashion show came up they were sitting at my bench so i started to play with them.

This particular one came about from thinking about my background and how I have always wanted to do something related t the way the Xhosa dress traditionally. I wanted a non-cheesy way. By that I mean i didn't want a replica of the Xhosa body jewellery but my own Xhosa body wear. The chain is brass and bought and I learnt how to crochet and made this round disc in black. I could wear this!

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