Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fashion show part 6

This is on the earrings for the fashion show. The design began a few months ago with a picture from the Elle magazine. The dress had circle print on it and i wanted a piece of jewellery that would work for the outfit in the picture. Since I began focusing on design jewellery for a fashion show, the clothing became important. The colour and where on the body it could fit. I had old buttons hung up on the board in front of me that echoed the circle print on the dress. I had cut out discs out of copper for enameling. I pierced out a floral motif from the discs and enameled with black. I noticed that when put against the yellow button it made a good contrast for the earring and worked for the colour in the fashion show( yellow, purple, brown, blues,white).

This seems to fall into a ready to wear jewellery category of fashion jewellery. In that it will work for the ramp and for everyday wear. As apposed the theatrical jewellery seen at fashion shows.

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