Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bonda Women

I found this picture on one of the blogs I follow called fashionphile. I have only a few blogs I follow and fashion is a weakness and I want to know whats going on in that industry even though I would like to think I'm "above" all that "materialistic stuff". Well I'm not. I think these ladies from East India in the Orissa region are beautiful. The colourful beads are held together by what looks to me like hair pins(guess they would fall out). The use of colour makes me want to cut all my hair off( I think not). The silver neck pieces look used and handmade. The imperfections make them look real or authentic (they are). I particularly like the clasps. They just look easy and form a feature in the piece.

I think I have to make myself some head gear. I have been frustrated with my hair now I have some think to look forward to. YAY!!!!!

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