Monday, October 13, 2008

Embracing my inner Lace

I felt drawn to lace fabric for years and always tried to aviod it. I have this perception that it's girly and frilly and one thing I not is girly and frilly......or so I thought. So I secretly collected all these lacy things and images of lace like fabrics. Any fabric with cut outs, because of it's ability to hide and reveal. I think it's a little naughty. And naughty I am...

I like that you are able to look into the spaces too. Another pattern is created by the negetive space. The more open the pattern the better for me.

The patterns can bee too much for me sometimes so I like to look into the pattern for something simple. Translating that into jewellery is the real test for me. I want to try and keep the openess of the pattern in my work.

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Chris said...

what a wonderful post...I like the bit about the inner (naughty) lace.... LOTS there!