Monday, October 13, 2008

How I cut out!!

I found this picture in a South African House and Leisure Magazine and that is how I found Tord Boontje. I started talking alot about his a found that it seemed as though I was thonly one who didn't know about him. I was a little annoyed coz I like to think I know stuff!!

Anyway I think Tord's work is wonderful and decided I wanted to be him when I grow up. The curtain is my favourite. I makes me feel like being in a forrest of fairies and only good things would happen there. It is delicate and simple. Floral motifs remind me of lace. I love colours. Since there is no way to afford his cirtain I will wait till the day i can get my hands on one of his creations. Tord is originally from the Netherlands. That just makes want to go there even more. I think the designers in the Netherlands are fabulous.

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