Friday, October 9, 2009

Street Fashion


The real deal. Fashion on the streets around the world. From stylesightings, the use of bangles and accssorizing the arm, I find interesting. I have also seem this on many catwalks for the S/S 2010. the bangles are big and bold and are stacked. This reminds me of Coco Chanel because she also used many accessories at once. The use of victorian theme in the first pivture is also interesting. This picture aslo shows the combining of the contemporary ring with a historic style of dress (the collar and cuff).

The crucfix is often used in fashion. Here it appears on the the tshirt.

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KRSDBR said...

Hi Lusanda... this looks like a useful post... specially with the URLs of the references, which is lacking in some previous posts. Could you describe what YOU see here? How you are looking at it?