Monday, October 19, 2009

Sanlam SA fashion Week
Amanda Laird Cherry
Colleen Eitzen
Terrence Bray
Picture by

I was surprised by a friend with aticket for the SA Fashion Week in Durban at the Durban Manor. On the line up were Colleen Eitzen, Amanda Laird Cherry, Rjkay Creations and Terrence bray. Amanda laird Cherry is my favorite SA fashion designer and seeng her latest offering, confirmed that. I noticed that she had used jewellery such as rings and neckpieces. The jewellery she used had fabric as an intergral part of the piece. Maybe it was what she had to use. Colleen on the other had long neckpieces that had pierced out pendents on them in silver and twisted rope. It looked like it was made by a jewellery designer. I noticed no earrings though.

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