Monday, September 28, 2009

Redeye Report

I'm loving more and more, fashion shows, that don't involve me organizing in any way. I think that's the way of the future. I now know that is not what i like to do. I may have to do it again for my end of year exhibition. But I older and wiser so I'll look at getting help from others. The earrings worked well.They had everyone commenting even me. Jewellery looks different to me on the ramp. I think because I have been looking at the piece (close up) for a long time, while making it, it has an impact once I see it where it's supposed to be.

The Redeye event was what I needed on a Friday night, walking around Smith Street at night watching fashion down the runway. The museum show cased some local artists.

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KRSDBR said...

Hey Lusanda... what wonderful earrings... I think they could be even bigger! What about making them from sheet rather than wire? I think a wonderful range awaits... for your end of year show? I spoke to Glynis Horning and she is awaiting you (eagerly)... Chris