Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amy Tavern

I've been following Amy Tavern's blog and have found it rather interesting. She is a busy lady, always reporting on the exhibitions and fairs that she is involved in. She also sells to independent stores and clothing boutiques. In her work, she seems really sure of what she is about. The clean lines, playing with geometry, she seems to be comfortable there and it works for her. Because I appreciate her experimentation. Like these colourful badges.

I think I want some of this surety in my work. Maybe I should just take the plunge and setup an etsyshop. I think I'm afraid that I'll start something I won't keep up.

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amy tavern said...

thank you for the lovely post! you should set up an etsy shop and just see what happens. if you find you aren't good at keeping up with it, then close it. i think you should try, though. it will be a good experiment for you and could earn you some money and web presence. either way, you will learn something and that is always good!

thanks again! keep it up!!