Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Under the Potential Covers

I've become interested in magazines. Well I'm kinda falling into magazines. So why not make up a magazine and dream of the perfect one. I call it Gudenuf Design. A magazine that will profile local design heros. Any type of design, profile local designers and what they are doing and how to find them in Durban. This is all in my dreams anyway.

I got help with a cover for my non-existant mag, from Thomas de Beer. It ws good working with a graphic designer who has done this before. i could just say stuff like "sorry I don't like this!" or "it just looks wrong!" and he just fixes it. Unlike me on photoshop (hours of toil and hardship). I tried to find pictures from the fashion shoot I did that would show my jewellery and kinda introduce me as a design hero. Getting a piece of jewellery onto a cover is alot of work. the process is long and feels rather random. I mean which piece ends up on the cover depended on which picture worked for that cover. i don't think magazne editors are that deliberate with the jewellery or the clothing. The cover of a fashion magazine is usually about the person on the cover and whatever enhances that person. Not at all about a spacific jeweller or specific clothing. If the picture doesn't work then it doesn't work.

So what type of jewellery is most likely to be on a cover? What can I make that is likely to land on a cover of a magazine

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